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Theatre Bizarre ~ Detroit by John Dunivant

This guy…..


Today is July 25th and there are only 97 days until Halloween! And like 84 days until the next big Theatre Bizarre big event! If you don’t know this event it takes place in Detroit and is incredible. Visit the page and prepare to be awed ;)


Artist Talk: Saturday, Oct 5th, 2p:

in conversation with:
John Dunivant

The Lodge Gallery, 131 Chrystie St., NYC (bt Broome & Delancey)

John Dunivant, artist and founder of Detroit’s “Theatre Bizarre,” discusses his current exhibition, “The Expatriate Parade,” and the Theatre itself. The paintings on view explore the world of “Theatre Bizarre” by depicting its inhabitants celebrating and embracing a dark and glorious march toward the unknown.

“Since the turn of the century, Theatre Bizarre has been rollicking in the darkness. First, by creating a phantasmagorical (and entirely illegal) theme park in the shadows of one of Detroits most dangerous neighborhoods. Providing an event worthy of its legendary status, built by an army of volunteers, it emerged for only one indescribable night a year. Each year it grew in scope and in detail, The New York Times exclaimed Over-The-Top! and Bizarre Magazine (UK) called it One of the greatest Halloween parties in the world! Until the city was forced to shut it down in 2010. Not to be dissuaded, Theatre Bizarre birthed a new world and revealed a new path in 2011. Lifting a veil on their own carnivalesque secret society and inviting the revelers to join them on a journey once more.”